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    MD752 Metal Gear Digital Servo


    MD752 Metal Gear Digital Servo



    1. Use metal gears of high intensity and accuracy, and abrasion resistance to make sure the output deviation of servo varies small after long time running.
    2. Use Japanese raw material to produce outer shell, which is more sturdy and durable and can bear 120℃ temperature.
    3. Use coreless Motor of high quality to develop the efficiency and life of servo
    4. Use potentiometers imported from Japan, which are of the same quality and type as Futaba servos, and the life can b2000,000times.
    5. MD752 applied to 450 and 500 helicopter swash plate

    Operating voltage range(V) 4.5~6.0V
    Operating temperature range(℃) -20~60
    Operating speed 0.13 sec/60°(sec/60° 4.8V)
    0.11 sec/60°(sec/60° 6.0V)
    Torque 5.1 Kg·cm(Kg·cm 4.8V)
    6.3 Kg·cm(Kg·cm 6.0V)
    Dead band width(usec) ≤3usec
    Midpoint pulse 1520us, 50-333Hz broadband
    Maximum rotation angle ±65°
    Motor Five-poles coreless cup
    Potentiometer imported from Japan
    Size(mm) : 35.0 x 15 x 29.2mm
    Weight(g) 28g
    Gear 6 Metal Gears
    Connecting wire length(cm) 21cm

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